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Bibby Gignilliat is a San Francisco Bay Area mixed media collage artist whose large abstract art brings life and joy and to homes, corporate offices, hotels, restaurants and health care facilities. Bibby’s work encompasses a range of styles and techniques, including painting, drawing, and printmaking. Her work is characterized by vibrant colors, bold brushstrokes, and a playful, spontaneous approach to composition. Bibby’s work has been described as expressionistic, with elements of abstract expressionism, pop art, and surrealism. Her use of color and form creates a dynamic visual impact, capturing the energy and movement of the world around her.

Parallelogram 84x60.jpg

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Online Mixed Media Art Class.

Bibby also teaches In-Person Mixed Media Workshops in her studio in the ICB Building in Sausalito, CA.

Dirty Martini 24x24.jpg.webp
Deeper into Unity 28x35.jpg

Bibby works on canvas and wood panel to create rich texture in her mixed media art.  She begins layering papers intermixed with found objects, marks with paint and then uses an orbital sander and other scraping tools to excavate and reveal the layers beneath. She uses bold colors, text, found billboard scraps to make her mixed media work come alive.

Bibby’s mixed media works on paper is layered with paint, paper and marks. She often creates her own mixed media collage materials and incorporates them into her work adding dimension. Collage scraps she finds on urban streets and ephemera she collects at flea markets are woven into her mixed media work bringing forward a vibrant joy.

"We love Song of my Soul in our house! It looks fantastic. Makes us happy! Thank you so much."

- Heddie Chu and Russ Naylor, Bok Modern.


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