Mixed Media Artist


Bibby Gignilliat, Mixed Media Artist

Bibby has been creative since she picked up her first crayon. She started private art classes at 10 and put her art career on the hold at 11, after being criticized by her art teacher. 

Turning her adult creative talents toward cooking, Bibby became a marketing manager for Williams-Sonoma, and then decided to go to culinary school. From there she offered interactive cooking classes which evolved into the company, Parties That Cook, with satellite office in Chicago, Seattle and Portland. The business was successful, but Bibby had an epiphany when, as a panelist at the Sloan School of Management at MIT. She heard her company described as a “lifestyle business.” I realized I had been pushing so hard, that I had left my own lifestyle behind. And I had forgotten what I liked to do.” And what she liked to do was paint.

Coming full circle, Bibby sold the business and shifted her focus to becoming a full-time mixed media artist, living and working in Sausalito, CA. She has studied with Nicholas Wilton, Michael Cutlip, Michael Shemchuk, Mark Eanes, Heather Wilcoxon, Leslie Allen, Louise Victor and Carl Heyward.

Artist Statement

​As a recovering perfectionist I choose to work in mixed media using collage and acrylic because it’s forgiving. I love bold colors, geometric shapes and text which come alive with whimsy on wood panels and paper. I am happiest when I am drawing outside the lines on the canvas and in life.


My work is inspired by my own personal growth and the realization that the only limits I face are self-imposed. Art allows me to let go of control and surrender to the painting in front of me. Each piece expresses a feeling I am experiencing, an aspect of growth I am facing, or a question I am contemplating as I create it. 

In 2021, my work was chosen for the DeYoung Museum Open at the DeYoung. It is available through my studio, Sloan Miyasato at the SF Design Center and through Slate Contemporary in Oakland.