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Totems with Bibby
An Online Self-Study Workshop

Totem Definition:

1. a natural object or animal that is believed by a particular society to have spiritual significance and that is adopted by it as an emblem.

2. a person or thing regarded as being symbolic or representative
of a particular quality or concept.

Totems, revered as pillars in the art world, wield immense power capable of making profound statements.


Are you ready to tap into this creative force? My online totem art class offers the perfect platform to explore the art of totems and unleash your artistic potential. Join from anywhere in the world and embark on a journey of discovery and expression!

What you will learn in my on-line Totem Class:

  • Learn three methods for creating your own collage scraps.

  • Layer paint and paper for textured collage.

  • “Age” layers for a weathered patina.

  • Blend colors for harmonious results.

  • Apply principles of design and composition.

  • Gain insights to overcome creative blocks and find artistic freedom.

"Our work embodies a higher purpose. 
Whether we know it or not, 
we're a conduit for the universe. 
Material is allowed through us.
If we are a clear channel,
our intention reflects the intention of the cosmos."

 – Rick Rubin

Online Totem Class only $150
First 20 students get $125 Early Bird price!
with code: TOTEM25

Open Enrollment starts April 25th @ 10AM PST

All levels are welcome in my online Totem Workshop.

The course is structured into 10 bite-sized video modules, along with an additional bonus module, empowering you to swiftly apply newfound knowledge to your artwork. Accompanying this transformative journey is an illustrated, comprehensive booklet, meticulously crafted to guide you towards success.


About Me:


At age 10, I loved painting, attending classes every Saturday.
At age 12, a critical teacher stifled my passion, and I became a perfectionist, burying my creativity. Inspired by Julia Cameron's wisdom in "The Artist's Way," I revisited my childhood love 10 years ago after running a successful cooking business for two decades. Though initially the weakest in my art class, I was determined to improve, eventually securing a studio in the ICB Building located in Sausalito, California. This journey has been a true homecoming. Let me reignite your dormant creativity through a mixed media workshop – let's play together.

What you can expect...



Ten Instructional Modules Plus One Bonus Module and Tips and Tricks for Success


Written Materials

Detailed Written Materials to Support Each Module



Community Support with fellow students in a Private Facebook Group

10 Instructional Modules
(plus 1 BONUS module!)


Painting the Base Color
of your Totem

In Module 1, you learn successful methods and colors for painting the base color of your totem. You also learn why house paint is often used in mixed media as a great way to make your art budget go further.


Creating Texture

In Module 2, you learn a successful texture technique using tissue and why this is an important step in creating interesting and dynamic totems.

Harmonizing Color

In Module 3, you learn how to choose a color palate and harmonize the colors you have chosen.





Homemade Scraps

In Modules 4 through 6, you learn how making your own scraps allows you freedom to cut loose and practice unattachment. In these modules, you'll discover the art of making scraps using a squeeze bottle and Gelli plate. Then you will make dynamic, bold and free marks on paper taped to the wall. In later modules, you will incorporate these scraps into your totem.



Designing your Totem
with Paint and Scrap Composition

In Modules 7 and 9, you will learn how to apply paint and your homemade scraps with five keys to designing successful totems. You will learn best practices for applying different scraps.


Creating Texture
with Sanding

In Module 8, you will take a break from composition and create interesting texture from the paint you applied in Module 7. Creating great texture is important in mixed media work. In this module, you will learn a few techniques to age your work and excavate into the layers previously created.


Final Touches

In Module 10, you will learn how to add final touches with varnish and paint as well as how to hang, sign and title your totem.


Bonus Module:
Value Lesson 

You will learn how to use your phone to see if your design is working and you can test out moves before you put them into play.

Is This Course For You?

Yes, if you're venturing into art for the first time... 

Yes, if you want to learn how to make art in this dynamic format.
Yes, if you're eager to elevate your art practice with fresh skills. 
Yes, if you're feeling stuck and seeking a breakthrough. 
Yes, if you're longing to let go of constraints but aren't sure how. 
Yes, if you crave connection with a dynamic mixed media community. 
Yes, if COVID concerns have kept you from attending in-person classes. 
Yes, if you prefer learning at your own pace, on your own schedule.

Online Totem Class only $150
First 20 students get $125 Early Bird price

with code: TOTEM25

Open Enrollment starts April 25th @ 10AM PST


Screenshot 2024-04-02 at 8.02.51 PM.png

Quinn Madison

I finished Bibby's totem class with a full heart and two amazing totems. Bibby brings her whole self not only to her artmaking but to her teaching--and shares her method, her techniques, her philosophy on creativity (everyone has it!) with a beautiful generosity of spirit. Thank you, Bibby!

Screenshot 2024-04-02 at 8.03_edited.jpg

Fawn Bailey

I jumped at the opportunity to take Bibby’s totem class and am so glad I did. Her joyful energy and enthusiastic approach to teaching draws you in, and her generosity in sharing the wisdom she’s gained from years of learning and practice leave you with a toolbox brimming with tips and tricks to take on your art journey. Bibby’s unique totem class opens your eyes to new ways of approaching composition, and her vibrant, nurturing spirit will help you re-invigorate your process — it’s a fantastic investment for new and seasoned artists.

Screenshot 2024-04-02 at 8.03.11 PM.png

 Cathryn Lynea

Bibby’s infectious energy and willingness to teach her successful art methods is worth every penny. This is not just an art class; this is a balm to one’s soul. Every step of the way is an application for making a successful totem as well as an application for your art practice and for your life. Thank you, Bibby, for everything you bring to the table. I am so grateful!

Student Work


Frequently Asked Questions

  • TEST
    The class will be available for a year from the time you purchase it. You can access it as many times as you wish during that time. Unfortunately, I cannot have you download the lessons because it is proprietary information.
  • What varnish do you use? Can I use other varnishes?
    I use varnish as glue and my topcoat. The varnish I use is water-based urethane. It is UV-protected, mold and mildew and waterproof. If you are unable to locate it, you can use other water-based UV varnishes or a matte or gloss medium of your choice. Yes! Paste and Mod Podge are good glues too. Painting/collaging over a piece that has been varnished is ok. With UV protection, your piece will be less likely to fade. I recommend in general any art, not placing it in direct sunlight or in a very dry environment.
  • Do I have to use house paint?
    You are welcome to use any acrylic paint you wish. I use house paint because it is easy to purchase and it’s durable. I enjoy sifting through the rejection pile at the paint store, as the prices are deeply discounted. If not using house paint, I recommend Nova Color or Golden Brand. Lightfastness is a scientific measure applicable to all colorants, dyes, and paints. Good paints state their ratings on scale (1-8, usually). If it’s low, I don’t buy it.
  • Can I Work Larger/Smaller than 72x9x3? And where can I purchase custom panels?
    Yes, you can work whatever size works for you. I think 72x9x3 is a powerful size. It expands the length of a couch and is great for entryways. There are suggestions on where to purchase the panels in the handout.
  • How much does a totem weigh? Can I ship them?
    The totems are relatively light. For a 72x9x3 totem, it weighs anywhere from 7 to 9 pounds. In addition, I use UPS to ship my totems. They will pack them in two golf club boxes cut down into one. It costs from $180 and up depending on the distance.
  • How do I ask a question during class?
    Often, the answer to your questions is in the handout provided. But if not, the best way to contact me is via the Facebook Group: MixedMediaWithBibby. I recommend tagging me in your post to ensure I see it. Often, students in that group are very helpful and will come up with better solutions than my own.
  • Do you offer an in-person class? How can we learn more from you?
    Yes, I teach out of my studio located in the historic ICB Building in Sausalito, California. I teach out of my studio once or twice a month. I have a one-day mixed media class that is great for all levels. I also have an advanced two-day totem class. I also have an online mixed media class. You can find a link to this online class on my website: I also provide instructional reels highlighting tips and tricks on Instagram @bibbygart

Online Totem Class only $150
First 20 students get $125 Early Bird price!

with code: TOTEM25

Open Enrollment starts April 25th @ 10AM PST
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