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Mixed Media Art Workshops & Classes in Sausalito

I invite you to attend my in-person mixed media art workshops and classes in Sausalito, San Francisco Bay Area. I am a mixed media collage artist who specializes in large abstract art on panels, canvas and paper.

When I was age 10, I loved painting. Every Saturday, I walked a mile to take a class at the Art League in Oak Park, Il. The time would fly by as I was in the flow. My art was colorful and free. At age 12, I had a critical teacher and I stopped painting and my creativity went into hiding. To paraphrase Julia Cameron from her book The Artist's Way, if you really want to know what you are supposed to do in life, look at what you loved as a child.

After 20 years running a successful cooking business, I sold it in 2017 to focus full-time on my art practice. I took an art class and was the worst one in the class, but committed to getting better and got an art studio in the ICB Building. I wanted to reclaim something that had been dormant my whole life. It has been a true homecoming. Many of my students report this same kind of story - that they loved art as a child but lost sight of it for various reasons.

​Let me help ignite that creativity in you by coming out to play in a mixed media workshop. See workshop dates below or sign-up for my newsletter to get notified of my on-line class.

"Thank You so much for sharing your heart and soul with us. You’re a great teacher. I love your focus on teaching us how to “let go”. How to get back to that fun place where thinking takes a back seat. You have a gift for coaching people on how to get to the creative sweet spot. I had a truly beautiful and moving experience." - Doug Schneider, Artist and Mixed Media Student

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Mixed Media Art Workshops in Sausalito, CA

Mixed media art is the use of a variety of media in a work of art such as paint and collage. Taking a mixed media workshop is a great way to get started on your artistic journey!

Thanks so much. It was a great class! I'm ready to check into art rehab LOL! I can't wait to take another mixed media class from you. I may even repeat this one!"  

-Catherine Brady, Mixed Media Workshop Student


Saturday, September 30th (2 spots left)
Saturday, October 21st (Sold Out - Email for Waitlist)

Saturday, January 6th

Sunday, January 7th

Time: 10-4pm

Location: ICB, 480 Gate 5 Rd. #235

In this mixed media class, you will work on two panels and learn to:

Create collage materials, layer materials, create rich texture with paint and collage, apply image transfers and more. 

Cost: $395 including all mixed media materials plus two 14"x14" cradled panels. Space is limited to 10-12 people and fills up quickly. Unlike other painting classes, all mixed media materials are included and the only thing you bring is you! Masks and gloves required to participate.

Email to register for the one-day mixed media class.

"What an amazing class!!!  Thank you. I have been home doing image transfers all evening!!!  #obsessed."

-Katy Kehoe, Mixed Media Student



If you want more one-on-one attention to inspire your art practice, consider taking a private lesson. Cost is $150/ per person per hour with a minimum of 3 hours. Group classes are the same $150/per hour per person fee. In the class, you will learn my mixed media process and all materials are provided.

Email to inquire. 

"Loved creating, the group, your great teaching & energy, Bibby! Thank you and can’t wait for more!!!"

-Mary Edwards, Mixed Media Student

Mixed media workshops are added about 6 weeks out. To be notified of future class dates, sign up for my monthly newsletter here.

"A huge thank you for your knowledge and inspiration. I’m so grateful for the technical tips, visual advice and your studio tools. What a great group to have been a part of, all of us on a mission to create mixed media without attachment."- Bibi Summer, Mixed Media Workshop Student

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