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Online Mixed Media Art

Workshops & Classes

“There is no such thing as creative people and non-creative people. There are just people who use their creativity and those who don’t. And not using it doesn’t go without penalty. As it turns out, unused creativity is not benign, it’s dangerous.”

 – Brene Brown

Are you looking to have fun while nourishing your creativity?  Do you want to learn principles of good design and composition to create beautiful work? Do you want to loosen up and let go of perfectionism while exploring mixed media techniques, materials and tools?


My online mixed media art class is for you!


Mixed media is the use of a variety of media in a work of art such as paint, collage, and graphite. Over the course of the last 5 years, I have taught mixed media to hundreds of artists in my Sausalito studio. I am excited to offer this class on-line so join wherever you are in the world.

What you'll learn in my
online mixed media art class:

Create collage scraps.

Layer paint and paper to create rich collage texture.

“Age" the layers to create a rich patina.

Excavate into the layers to reveal the history.

Transfer images from magazines onto your work. 

Apply washes to enrich dimension.

Apply principals of good design and composition.

Learn tips for getting unstuck.

Online Mixed Media Art Class only $197

Beginners welcome to my Online Mixed Media Art Workshop.


The class is broken down into 12 bite-size video modules
(plus 5 bonus modules) so that you can apply what you learn to your artwork and then move to the next class when you are ready. An illustrated, detailed booklet is provided as a resource to accompany the course guiding you to success.


When I was age 10, I loved painting and took a class every Saturday. The time would fly by as I was in the flow. My art was colorful and free. At age 12, I had a critical teacher and I stopped painting. My creativity went into hiding as I became a perfectionist. To paraphrase Julia Cameron from her book The Artist's Way, if you really want to know what calling is, look at what you loved as a child.

Six years ago, after 20 years running a successful cooking business, I took an art class and was the worst one in the class, but I committed to getting better and got an art studio in the ICB Building in Sausalito, CA. I wanted to reclaim something that had been dormant my whole life. It has been a true homecoming. Let me help ignite that creativity in you by coming out to play in a mixed media workshop.

What you can expect...

Paint Brushes


Nine Instructional Modules plus Tips and Tricks for Success

Paint Buckets

Written Materials

Detailed Written Materials to Support Each Module

Paint Can and Brush


Community Support with fellow students in a Private Facebook Group

9 Instructional Modules
(plus 5 BONUS modules!)


Prepare the Panel

In Module 1, you paint your panels and learn why house paint is often used in mixed media which is a great way to make your art budget go further.


Making Your Own Scraps

Making your own scraps allows you to break free since you are not painting directly onto your work. In this module, you will learn to make your own scraps with the squeeze bottle, stamps, stencils, rubbings, pastels and graphite. Then incorporate these scraps into your work.

Collage and Paint

In Module 3, you will learn to lay down papers in a no-think, free, intuitive manner.  You will learn best practices for getting your papers down flat with no bubbles. You will also learn techniques and tools for applying paint.



Design & Composition

We will review elements of good design.  If you follow these tips successfully, you will make better work. Then you will learn how to use your phone to see if your design is working and you can test out moves before you put them into play.



Creating great texture is important in mixed media work. In this module, you will learn a few techniques to age your work and excavate into the layers previously created.


Image Transfer/Washes/Marks

In this module, we will focus on image transfers (transferring a magazine image onto your work).  You will also learn about stamping, washes, tissue paper, drips, and making great marks using graphite, Woodys and acrylic markers.


Getting Unstuck

I have witnessed students getting stuck when they are in their analyzer and are thinking too much. In this module, I will discuss why you may be stuck and provide a roadmap and exercises for getting unstuck.


Finishing Touches

In this module we will review ways to know when you are finished with your piece. We will discuss a few finishes to bring your piece to perfection!


Going Big

Learn tips and tricks for going big.


Bonus Modules

5 bonus modules covering excavation, decoration and scraps.

Is This Course For You?

Yes, if you want to create art for the first time…

Yes, if you want to up-level your art practice with new skills.

Yes, if you want to get unstuck.

Yes, if you want to loosen up but don't know how.

Yes, if you want to connect with a vibrant community of mixed media artists.

Yes, if you are concerned about attending classes during COVID.

Yes, if you want to take a class at your own pace and on your own schedule.

Class available now! Costs $197



Margot Hartford

Bibby is an excellent artist and a passionate teacher, and her workshop generously offers up how she tackles a painting. She demonstrates her techniques, which she has honed over years of experimentation and practice, and which she presents with an infectious enthusiasm. Bibby’s work is unique and fun, and it was an honor to take her workshop to get an inside look into her secrets.

FullSizeRender 4.jpeg

Kathryn Keller

Bibby is a fun enthusiastic teacher who after years of classes with the best has now incorporated all she has learned into a one stop learning experience. The compilation of all this diligent study along with her excellent teaching skills will guarantee you will walk away from her classes with a font of knowledge. So if you are a beginning or experienced painter, her deep pockets of technique will inspire you.


Rachel Davis

With so many online art courses available, how do you know which one to choose? I’ll make it easy - choose Bibby’s. Bibby is a phenomenally gifted and natural teacher - generous, empathic, passionate about sharing her deep joy in creating and igniting that passion in others. You’ll leave this class with finished work and a way to continue cutting loose and playing on your own. 

Student Work


Johanna Malen


Maja Toft

Katie Korotzer

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I need to be an experienced painter to take the class?
    This class was created for all levels, beginners to advanced and no experience is necessary. Collage is very forgiving!
  • What materials will I need?
    This is just a suggested list. You may have your favorite tools you wish to use.
  • How long do I have access to the course?
    Once you've enrolled and paid, you'll have access to the course material for one year. So, devour it all in one day or savor it slowly. It's your choice!
  • How much time will I need?
    These lessons are based on an intensive day workshop. This online version is broken down in bitesize modules. Depending on your timing, it could be completed in about six hours (includes instruction and creative time) but I would recommend taking your time to really digest the materials and view the instructions more than once.
  • What is the cost and are there any special promotions?
    The cost of the class is $197 a person which includes all modules (plus 5 bonus modules!), plus the 20-page resource guide, and access to the private Facebook group.
  • Are the classes weekly or can I have instant access to all the lessons?
    The course is self-paced so can complete it when you have time. It may be a binge for a day or spread over several.
  • What is included in the course?
    There are 8 video modules, plus a 20-page interactive reference guide with resources for materials/tools and techniques so that you don't have to take notes while watching.
  • Can I share content, videos, notes from the lessons?"
    As I am sure that you will appreciate it takes a lot of time and energy to prepare online courses. The content is not to be shared. All the information is for the sole use of the individual subscriber and is copyright Bibby Gignilliat. I am happy for you to share your work on social media and request that you mention/tag me.
  • If I have questions, how can I contact you?"
    I'd be happy to answer any questions you might have. You may reach out HERE to ask questions about signing up for the class. As part of the course you will be invited to join a private Facebook group. This is where you can share your work and ask questions - to me and the mixed media group. I will be answering them as quickly and regularly as I can.
  • What if I'm unhappy with the class?
    Once you have signed up and get access to the content, I am not able to give refunds. If you have further questions about if this class is right for you, email HERE.
  • This sounds just what I wanted. Where do I sign up?
    Just click on the button below to sign up. See you in class!
  • Do you offer scholarships?
    At this time, I am not offering scholarships.

Enrollment is open now!
Class costs $197

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